Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to This Blog

It is so funny when Congressmen and citizens become outraged over the abuse of Government funds, or the debauchery of people like the Secret Service when they are away from home.  While it is sad this happens and the poor Secret Service agents, and GSA senior leadership may lose their jobs is it really their fault?  How can we hold these people accountable, when we as a society have come to believe we are victims?  If we are a nation of victims surely these poor souls must be victims as well.
When Congress passes outlandish budgets and provides funds that no one wants or needs, and the system says don’t give any back or you will get less next year, isn’t it the job of the GSA to make sure every red cent of Congressionally appropriated, including all the earmarks, funds get spent, no matter what it takes to do so?  If they have to rent lavish suites, and throw massive party’s training sessions where everyone is forced to take home IPads and other expensive swag purchased with tax dollars how can we blame the poor civil servants doing this important work?  Heck they didn’t even have a fancy patch like the Air Force team did that said in Latin “Doing God’s Work With Other Peoples Money.” 
After 10 years of war, with Congress authorizing trillions of dollars and the President asking for even more, it is next to impossible to spend it fast enough, so how is it when the GSA comes up with solutions they are penalized by the very people who force the money on them?   Like Congressman never waste money on their paid flights home every weekend, or the junkets around the world in the name of research.
And as for the Secret Service, when you are on the B-team you’ve got to find a way to keep up the old morale.  As one agent attempted to save taxpayers the $47.00 extra one hooker wanted he gets thrown out of the country.  Now what kind of treatment is that?  He or She is clearly a victim of those nasty Colombian cartels.  The fact the US Government has signed the UN resolution on Trafficking in Humans, and every government employee is required to take annual training on avoiding those industries that traffic in humans, like brothels and prostitution rings, does not mean they should actually comply with the law, for Pete’s sake they are the Secret Service and the military advance team that sets up for the Presidents visit.  These are important victims and deserve all the love and support the liberal community can provide them.  These men and woman have struggled for years with the burden of not being able to tell anyone what goes on during these trips.  They are innocent, well not so innocent really, victims of a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy no one ever talks about.

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W.B. Picklesworth said...

My wife and I felt like victims today due to insurance problems. Turns out that the insurance that the church provides (which costs them about $1300 a month) doesn't cover pre-natal until you meet the deductible. Nor does it cover home birth at all. So we had a dirt cheap pregnancy that an expensive insurance policy doesn't feel obliged to help pay for. It kind of makes me want to go whole hog next time: hospital, caesarean, drugs, etc....

The problem is, being a victim stinks. My wife doesn't want the hospital with the expensive doctors; she doesn't want drugs, she sure as hell doesn't want an operation. And so we'll pay extra to do it our way. And after our little pity party, we reminded ourself that we got to call the shots. If we lost a few bucks to exercise our freedom, then so be it.

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