Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Bikers Should Know History

I'm sitting at a traffic light this afternoon when a lone motorcyclist drives past on his big silver Harley. He is enjoying the freedom of the open road, but I was very impressed with his ensemble; dressed all in black leather and wearing one of those designer helmets that looks like a WW2 German helmet.

You remember the Germans in WW2, the Nazis, the whole Aryan race crowd. The guys who believed if you weren't 100% Aryan you were weren't pure, and should probably be enslaved or killed. The same crowd that blamed the Jews for all its problems, and really didn't do a good job with other minorities either.

Anyway, the helmet was a gleaming chrome job, I must admit it matched the biker's bike really well. What caught my eye, and what made the chrome helmet really stand out, was the black man who was wearing it.

Right on dude, celebrate the past!!!
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